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Bar Stock Shears
Bar stock shears

Forge Welding Brick 12"
Forge Welding Brick 4 X 12"

Forgemaster Blacksmith Forge
Dual burner with openings on both ends to accommodate long pieces of barstock. The tight fitting, insulated door cuts down heat loss, so that steel gets hot faster.

Forgemaster Companion Forge
Single burner with open front

Forgemaster Farrier Forge
Double burner with open front.

Reliner kits for Blacksmith, Farrier, and Companion

Reliner kits for Blacksmith, Farrier, and Companion

Reliner kits for Blacksmith, Farrier, and Companion

NC  Whisper Deluxe Forge
2 burner farrier forge. 3inx12inx6in firebox

NC Swing Out Arm
Bolt on to pick-up or work bench. Arms extend to 32\in. Height is 7 1/2\in.

Reliner kit for Whisper Daddy II

NC Whisper Deluxe Forge (with back door)
2 burner farrier forge with rear bar stock door 3inx1-1/2in. 3inx12inx6in firebox.

Reliner kit for Whisper Deluxe and Whisper Deluxe with back door.

Reliner kit for Whisper Momma

NC Whisper Momma w/Back Door
Two burner farrier forge with back door

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Vetericyn Hoof Care
Vetericyn Equine Hoof Care for Sole and Frog Damage Caused by Thrush, White Line Separation, and Seedy Toe – 8 Ounces
Reliner kit for Whisper Daddy II
Kerckhaert DF Grand Prix Clipped Size 0H
DF Grand Prix Clipped Kerckhaert shoe. This is a special hind shoe with a wider outside branch to give additional support in the heel area. Especially designed for the hunter jumper market. Comes left & right
$8.12  $6.49
Durasole L.L.C. (4 oz.)
Sole Hardener in a 4 oz bottle. This product is available in non-flammable liquid and can now ship over seas. For additional information please visit

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