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Bloom Clinch Cutter LH
Clinch Cutter Left Hand

Bloom Clinch Cutter RH
Clinch Cutter Right Hand

Bloom Clinch Undercut LH (gouge)
Clinch Undercut Left Hand

Bloom Clinch Undercut RH (gouge)
Clinch Undercut Right Hand

Bloom Combo Cut
Clinch Cutter Undercut Combo

Diamond Clinch Block
Solid steel block used to set clinches after driving nails.

Diamond Clinch Cutter
One end is designed for cutting nail clinches and the other for pritchel.

Mustad Clinch Block
Indicate how many you want in the quantity box.

Mustad Clinch Cutter

Nordic Clinch Cutters
Don't forget to indicate exactly how many of each you want in the quantity box.

W-Brand Half-Round Clinch Block (WHB)
Don\'t forget to indicate exactly how many of each you want in the quantity box.

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