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Bellota 9in Nail Cutter Pro
9in Nail Cutter (Pro)

Diamond 12" Nail Cutter
Developed specifically for cutting horseshoe nails.

Diamond 8" Nail Cutter
The 8'' Knipex Nail Cutter with cushioned handles has a wider head with a rivet position that gives it substantial leverage.

Essential tool for removal of nails from crease of horseshoes.

Essential tool for removal of nails from crease of horseshoes.

Diamond Powerbolt Nail Cutter
A new design that moves the leverage point to cut nails quickly and easily. Rubber handles to ensure a secure hold on the tool

Edge Crease 12 in Nail Puller with Cam.

Edge Crease 12 in Nail Puller

FootPro Nail Puller
Polished Nail Puller

GE Crease Nail Puller

Lopez Nail Puller
Don't forget to indicate how many you want.

Mustad Nail Cutter
Blackened 11\in

Mustad Nail Puller

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